Review of the Frog Fortunes Slot Machine and Its Specifications

Realtime Gaming introduced the online slot game known as Frog Fortunes in the year 2020.

Although the board is shown in an unconventional way, the game is still played on a 5×3 grid.

The publisher of the game refers to the premise of the slot as “Frogs and Exploding Symbols,” which is one of its themes.

The Data Slot

Spindles: 5

Rows: 3

243 different paylines

RTP: 96.00%

Untamed: You Bet!

Yes, we provide free spins.

Bonus round: Say no.

Conservative: Not at all

In a mobile device:

Patterns of Slots

The hexagonal representation of the gameboard on the online slot machine Frog Fortunes features the typical gameboard layout of five reels, three rows, and 243 paylines.

The game has a low volatility and an RTP that is equal to 96.00%.

This online slot machine has a minimum wager of 0.25 dollars, and the maximum stake each spin may go up to 25 dollars.

The visuals aren’t the finest we’ve seen, but the distinctive style definitely gets our attention and stands out from the competition.

Slot Characteristics

The Exploding Symbol is a special symbol that can show up on the game board at any point during any spin. When the explosion takes occurred, the symbols that have been destroyed will be changed into other symbols. Under the (!) button of this online slot machine, you can observe the many explosion patterns. The Cascading Reels feature is activated if there are any winning combinations after the explosion.

Cascading Reels are activated when a winning combination occurs after an exploding symbol. This feature can only be triggered once. This means that the symbols that were chosen as winners will be removed and new ones will take their place. Once there are no more winning combinations, the spin button will turn into a grayed-out circle, and the cascading reels will continue to spin.

Conclusion and ruling

The online slot game Frog Fortunes, developed by RTG, features a gameboard that is made up of hexagons, which is a bit uncommon.

The slot machine has several rather basic features, such as an exploding symbol and cascading reels that are activated when the explosion occurs.

Aside from those characteristics and the unique look, we were unable to identify anything else that sets this slot machine apart from the numerous others that are available.

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